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You have probably experience before Fear of failure threatens to block your progress. Embracing the imagined consequences instead of reality.

I want to show you how you can change that. In fact you used to be able to do it before too. Remember when you are a child? With no sense of awareness of what is right and wrong? Yet you are able to learn to adapt more in those early years than you do for the rest of your lives?

So why? As you grew up we lose the ability to adapt to changes?

The answer is negative belief. Lack of confidence and securities. Changes feels frightening. When you’ve got negative or limiting beliefs about yourself  you don’t need a degree to know it.  You know you believe things about yourself, your abilities, other people and the world, maybe even your future that you wish you didn’t.



You might not know how to change those beliefs. Or might have tried but failed.

Try the following methods.

1) Learn self assessment Know your strength and weakness. Learn to present your strength and improve on you weakness.

2) Be positiveAlways tries to focus on the positive results instead worrying of failure.
A goal with be able to motivate you even in time of failures with the right attitude and actions, you can find opportunities even in failure.

3) Talk to someone Share your fear with people especially people who have similar experience and have succeed. Chances are they might shares some their experience with you

Learn to live your lives to the fullest experience new stuff and opportunities.

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