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Having a positive attitude is one way through which some people are able to achieve more than the rest. Positive thoughts acts as a driving force against all the odds and challenges that discourage people from going on. As much as it sounds useful on the surface, it is easily dismissed. It does not carry much weight in the real world as other terms like persistence or work ethic. But this is slowly changing as psychology researchers are revealing amazing facts about the power of positive thinking. Recent studies have revealed that positive thinking is not only about being happy or displaying a winning attitude always. Positive thinking actually creates real positive values in a person that enable them to achieve more, build more skills and enhance their productivity.


If your productivity is not up to your expectation, the best think you can do is try and search the cause of your failure from within yourself. While you may tend to think that you are unhappy because you are not performing to your expectations, it may be that you are not performing to your expectations because of your unhappy attitude towards what you are doing.

Positive thinking can greatly influence how much you achieve by helping you in accepting challenges, regulating your emotions when the going gets rough, helping you accept criticism and accepting feedback from others. It also enhances your relationship with others and increases your ability to enjoy your life. The impact that positive thinking has on your life, your work and your health is unimaginable. The success you can achieve by being positive about every situation you face is much more than you can achieve through any other way. The following are some of the ways a positive attitude increases success.

A positive attitude attracts supporters.

If you are always complaining or focusing on the negative side of things, you will push away people. Nobody likes people who love complaining. This means you would push away what would rather turn out to be your support. Being positive will attract more support from your colleagues at work, your supervisor and even your own self. You will commit yourself more to something you are positive about than something you are negative about. This support pushes your closer towards your success and eventually you achieve your dreams.

Contribution to a healthy working environment.

Positive attitude towards your colleagues enhances your coexistence with them. The conducive environment created by being optimistic about the future events, encouraging each other and staying positive about the current situation helps each individual feel confident. This kind of a working environment is what best enhances the growth of talents, expression of new ideas and eventually self-fulfillment. Being friendly to other people depends highly on how you view yourself and how you feel deep within you. If your inner emotions are negative, you are more likely to manifest negativity to your colleagues which may ruin the working environment thereby limiting your success and achievements.

Opens up your creativity.

Among the ways a positive attitude increases success is improving our imaginations and creativity. Positive attitude opens up the imagination and your sense of possibility. Staying positive will help you keep you mind wide open for new ideas. It also helps in focusing on problem solving. The increased creativity helps you in working smarter and faster. It also boosts your imaginative ability to device new methods of achieving efficiency. It also enhances the ability to foresee problems and challenges before they arise, and avoiding them where possible and reducing their impact if unavoidable.

Building your skills.

A positive attitude affects all your skills. Your interpersonal skills will improve through having a positive attitude. More people will be willing to be associated with you if you make them feel inspired. Other skills may be acquired through trying new ideas and doing things differently. The good thing is that skills will propel you towards achieving your dreams.

Other ways a positive attitude increase performance include; good time management and being proactive. With a positive attitude, you will only focus on the bright side of life. This doesn’t mean that you ignore the problems and challenges that you face. It means that you will view them positively and think of how you can get the best out of them.I hope this post on HOW POSITIVE ATTITUDE INCREASES SUCCESS  your positive attitude manifest through positive thinking, constructive thinking and creativity.

10 Steps to Becoming a Successful Entrepreneur

Entrepreneurship is the process of starting a business, one to be hardworking and persistence in order to be successful. In this short article 10 Steps to Becoming a Successful Entrepreneur it is important to take this tips into consideration.


Passion and Dream

You have to love what you do if you want to become a successful entrepreneur. Your passion will emit an energy that will convince anyone around you that you are already a success. You won’t produce this energy if you don’t feel a deep passion for the things you do on a daily basis. Entrepreneurship requires a lot of energy and focus, and you will be better off loving what you do.

successManaging Risks

You need to have a bankroll with enough money to help you pay your bills. It means that you should not take crazy risks at all times knowing that you have little money in the bank. You need to put food on the table for your family, and you should balance all the
risks associated with your venture. So start to assess the risks as well as the rewards of any situation.

Get a Mentor

A mentor will keep your mind focused on success. So you are better off getting a mentor as soon as you can. Your mentor will let you know about the dangers that loom in the distance which you might not see because you are a newbie in the business world. Read as much as you can about entrepreneurship and ask your mentor as many questions as you want. This is a very important part of these 10 steps to becoming a successful entrepreneur.

Self Promotion

Self promotion is important if you want to take your business to a whole new level. You need to radiate confidence and self promotion will help you do that. Your partners, peers and employees need a little self promotion from you, and you should be prepared to do it right away. Learn how to share your vision without appearing salesy at all.


You need to take bold, massive action as soon as possible. You will have to wear all the hats in your venture, and you should be prepared for this from the very beginning. Succeeding in the ruthless business world is not for the wishy-washy, and you need to be prepared for the battle as soon as you can. So avoid procrastination and build momentum for your firm.

Learn from Others

If you spend some years in the industry you try to enter into, you will increase your chances of success. You need to learn as much as you can from your boss. So start out asking your boss questions about his or her mistakes. Brainstorm as many ideas as you can about how to build a successful business. If you can find someone who can teach you about entrepreneurship, you will be better prepared.

Constant Upgarding

You need to read as much as you an about successful icons in the business world such as Bill Gates and Steve Jobs. These are the mindsets that you need to take into consideration when making major decisions in your business. Though entrepreneurship is both art and science, you need to have someone who can work as a reference you can take with you.

Building Reputation

Maintain a blog so that you can build reputation for your firm, products, services and brand. This will show that you are a real person and that you are willing to share your knowledge and expertise with people around the world. You can also volunteer your skills and time which will show that you are willing to help others too.

Powerful Mindset

You need to think only about the results you want to accomplish. In addition, you have to consider any problem that might arise in the future. Furthermore, you can start at any age. This is important if you think that you are either too old or too young to dive into the deep and dangerous waters of business. Keep your positive, powerful mindset with you at all times.


Your attitude will set the tone for your business, and you should be mindful about it. Don’t show laziness or negativity at any time or you will have to reap sour rewards in the future. In addition, this negative attitude will tarnish your good reputation over time, and you should avoid this situation at all cost. So you should take it easy when you make mistakes accepting any blame on you. This is another very important part of these 10 steps to becoming a successful entrepreneur