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Do you have a loved one, a family member or friend, who gives off “bad vibes”, or the feeling that they are always pessimistic and “negative” about their lives and themselves? Their negativity can be contagious. It can affect other people around them. It can affect you. It limits the person from achieving their potential. It stops them from having a fulfilling and meaningful life. It can also affect their health. There has been plenty of research to show that people who tend to think negatively suffer from more stress and consequently, more illnesses.

While some people believe that negativity is a part of a person’s personality, it is really a choice. The American writer and thinker Ralph Waldo Emerson wrote insightful words which meant that the same world can be heaven or hell to two different minds. Successful and happy people are those who choose to be positive, and do everything they can in their daily lives to keep negativity away. They are usually always in a “heaven” of positivity. The negative thinkers find themselves in a hell of their own making.

The good news is that negativity can be overcome. By changing conscious thought and some habits, it is possible to only attract positive experiences. You can help your loved one do this with a few foolproof changes to their lives. Negative thoughts and the positive will always coexist, but with the following tips on how to remove negativity from a person, the positive can overcome the negative.

How to Remove Negativity from a Person

1. Help remove clutter, clean and stay organized

Help your loved one remove clutter from their living and working spaces, and keep their usual environments clean. Spring cleaning, cleaning windows, rugs, walls, curtains etc. and getting rid of old, useless items can help remove a lot of negative energy from a home. Open clean windows to bring in fresh air. Launder the dirty clothes, clean the dirty dishes, and throw away hoarded old items that are no longer of any use. Negative thoughts tend to hang on objects, and these objects can keep the bad energy circulating in the house.

2. Gift indoor plants

Gift your loved one living plants to brighten up their home. There are plenty of easy to grow indoor houseplants like Peperomia, Geraniums, Dracaena, Philodendron etc. that can bring oxygen, color and life into a home and push out negative energy. Plants like Snake Plant and the Zeezee plant can tolerate a lot of neglect, so these are ideal gifts if the recipient can’t manage to keep other, less tough plants alive.

3. Gift calming incense

If you’re wondering how to remove negativity from a person with that perfect gift, go for soothing incense or scented candles. Aromatherapy is well-known for its ability to reduce anxiety, stress, and depression and even induce sleep, boost energy and offer some other health benefits. While visiting the spa for a massage with essential oils may not be possible, your loved one can easily burn incense or candles with mint, lavender or eucalyptus indoors. These scents will help to spread positive energy in the house.

4. Introduce pleasing sounds

There are some sounds, like those of a wind chime, singing bowls, cymbals or bells that can have a calming, meditative effect on the person. Wind chimes and wind bells have been widely used around the world to stimulate relaxation. Bell tones can have a healing effect on the body, and the resonance of the bells can bring a sense of well-being.

5. Take them for a walk

Scientists recently published a report in the Journal of Neuroscience that suggests walking briskly or going for a jog can have a relaxing effect. The journal reported in 2013 that exercise can trigger soothing neurons in the brain. A chemical process that is very real takes place after exercise, by which a certain type of neurons is, released that keep unnecessary anxiety at bay. In other words, people who exercise are better able to cope with stress. Since stress is a major symptom and a link in the vicious cycle of the causes and effects of negativity, exercise is highly recommended for a person to bring positivity into their lives.

Worry no more about how to remove negativity from a person. Help your friend introduce the above lifestyle changes into their lives, and they should slowly be able to change the way they think. You’ll find them better able to cope with each day, become more open to opportunities, and slowly able to move towards a more fulfilling future. Together you can feed and reinforce each others’ positivism as well. It’s a win-win! Additionally you might want grab a copy of 101 Negativity eBook you can download it from


How To Remove Negativity From A Person